Items that are furnished by the client:

We require that our clients furnish a copy or text of their programs, products and facilities information for the website. No one can communicate the philosophy and message behind your business better than you can. If you need help with this, we have highly qualified writers and can create a custom copy for an additional fee. To enhance the appearance of your website, we recommend that you provide any photos of your staff, products and facility. We can provide stock images, which are included in a couple of our packages.

Needed from client to begin:

  • Google Analytics access (Google Webmaster Tools access if it already exists)
  • GoDaddy access or domain name registrar access
  • DNS host access if DNS is not hosted with the domain registrar
  • Web host access (any control panels in the current hosting environment)
  • Information about current email set-up- what system used, who manages it
  • WordPress administrative access
  • Any call tracking accounts or other 3rd party analytics accounts

We provide back-end administrative access to your website so you can update and change content regularly. We recommend that you post to your blog at least once per week or preferably once per day — as this is what Google wants. It will boost your SEO rankings and visibility. If you have any questions, please contact us today.